Old Boy

by Shady Bliss

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Old Boy is the life story of a young man in a mental institution, as told by himself during an interview with a curious journalist


released October 11, 2016

All music, lyrics and concepts written by Shady Bliss
Recorded at Bedlam Records
Produced and mixed by Steve Kempnich
Mastered by Mell Dettmer
Artwork by Brayden Doig




Shady Bliss Brisbane, Australia

Four humans from Brisbane, Australia who shape sound in a euphoric manner.

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Track Name: Interview With The Old Boy Pt 2
Journalist: The time is 6:32pm, third of January, 2016. This is session two of An Interview With The Old Boy. You made some extraordinary claims in our previous session, can you empathise with people’s skepticism?

Old Boy: Yeah, I empathise with the skeptics. In a lot of ways, I’m skeptical myself. I don’t know who I am or what’s real, you know? but it’s not so different to you or anyone else. Prove to me that your not locked up in a looney bin like this, dreaming out your entire existence. Prove to me that this universe we live in isn’t just a silly simulation, you know? A creation. A young alien who’s just trying to pass their fifth grade science project or something. You can’t prove anything, no one can, you know? All I know is I.. I think therefore I am, and so on some level I know I exist. I could fall asleep tonight and I could wake up as someone else.

Journalist: Start the story from the beginning. Can you describe the events leading up to the first.. Incident?

Old Boy: It was like, 3 months ago.. in your time. A friend from church had gotten a hold of a vial of LSD. We were pretty stupid and naive. We hadn’t even touched alcohol, you know? We had this like, romantic idea that we were about to flip reality on its head and change our lives for ever. After about five hours, I feel asleep listening to Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. That was when I had the first dream.
Track Name: The First Dream
*Somewhat inaudible excerpts from the interview with the Old Boy*
Track Name: What Was That?
He’s wide awake with his eyes on the ceiling
And he’s feeling like he’s never gonna be the same
He locked up his door and smoked till the evening
He ain’t facin’ Mum and Dad today, no, not today
He’s got nothing to say and he can’t look them in the eye
‘Cause he’s still too far gone and won’t be back any time soon
His mind is a puzzle and he’s lost all the pieces
And he’s feeling like he’s never gonna be the same

Faith fading away
He’s building resentment
He can’t figure out, why would they lie?
Everything’s changed, just one night in the looney bin
And he’s feeling like he’s never gonna be the same
Track Name: Man-Made Tree
Tainted soul
Empty bowl
He’s so young
No control
He will fight
Yeah, he’ll fight all night
To get what he
Thinks he needs

There’s a gaping black hole
Where his faith used to be
There’s no escaping at all
Nothing to see
Suddenly hurled
Into a whole new world
No more abuse
The beast has been cut loose

But he was too loud
‘Cause the old man found out
And the old lady too
Said, “God is watching you,
God is watching you,
And everything you do
Always an eye on you
And everything you do.”

The old man said,
“You will burn in hell for what you’ve done,
What have you become?
What have you become?”
He said, “Free of all your lies
And evermore the wise
And its only just begun, 
Its time to have some fun
I wish somehow I could make you see
We’re all just birds on a branch 
On a man-made tree.”

He went straight for the door
And said nothing more
With a smile on his face
He put the pedal to the floor
He will drive
Into the city life
No cash or clue
And nothing to do
Track Name: Thanks For The Ride
Freedom at last
I don’t see
Myself ever turning back
Northbound by the sea
Maggot Brain on repeat
I got my wallet and keys
And a full tank

I don’t know where I’m going
Just as far as I can
From The Old Lady
And The Old Man
They planted the seed
But I hacked down the tree
I ripped out the roots
And now I’m free

Up ahead in the distance
A shadow walks through the night
Left thumb in the air
And a guitar to her right
I pulled to the side
And offered a ride
The door opened to her smile
And she asked for a light

And she said,
“I’m going to the big city
Thanks for the ride.”
We smoked out the van
And sang all night
“Why don’t you come with me?
Be my partner in crime!”
With her hand on my thigh
I was lost in her eyes
So I told her I’d stay
For just a few days

She told me her story
And I told her mine
We laughed and we cried 
And we bonded over lines
Northbound by the sea
Maggot Brain on repeat
I got my wallet and keys
And a girl who digs me
Track Name: Dirty Brain
I found the truth
And it ain’t fucking pretty
I wish it was a lie
I can’t hide my cry
They gave me the boot
And I’m fucking mad
‘Cause all of these lies, I realize
They believe that there true

Oooooo I got a dirty brain!
Oooooo I got a dirty brain!

They have no proof
No logic or reason
As long as they’ve got their faith
I guess I was the same
And I shared their view
But what could I do? 
My brain was scrubbed clean
I guess theirs was too

Oooooo I got a dirty brain!
Oooooo I got a dirty brain!
Oooooo I got a dirty brain!
Oooooo I got a dirty brain!
Track Name: Interview With The Old Boy Pt 3
Old Boy: So in this dream, I was running up a stairway. This like crisp, shining, white stairway. The stairway never ends though, you know? Behind me are my parents who were chasing me desperately. And ahead of me are these tumbling crucifixes, some as tall as men, made of solid gold. There are these tree branches and roots made of scrap metal growing towards me and They’re snapping at my ankles. Everything's chasing me. At the point where these stairs disappear into infinity, waves of these flaming arrows come crashing all around me and setting everything around me ablaze, you know? Then all at once, these metal branches, they wrap around my ankles and pulled me to the ground and this shining, glaring crucifix burst through the flames, crushing me. In a flash, I’m awake, you know? And all I could ask myself was “What was at the top o..*Tape Is Stopped*